September 2019 - May 2020

Pricing for 2019-2020 Season


Bloom Dance Studio holds 32 weeks of scheduled classes with an end of year recital in early May. The cost for a class is an annual price but for the convenience of our families is broken down and spread out over nine (9) monthly installments (September-May). The first installment will be charged to your account on September 1, 2019 and the final installment will be charged on May 1, 2020.

New this year, recital fee will be covered in the cost of tuition!

30 MIN CLASS = $55 per month

45 MIN CLASS = $60 per month

60 MIN CLASS = $65 per month

75 MIN CLASS = $75 per month

90 MIN CLASS = $85 per month

SEEDS CLASSES = $40 per month


Multi-Class Discounts (per student)

2 Classes = $15 off combined tuition total
3 Classes = $30 off combined tuition total
4 Classes = $50 off combined tuition total

Family/Multi-Student Discounts

2 Students = $5 off combined tuition total
3 Students = $15 off combined tuition total
4 Students = $20 off combined tuition total


UNLIMITED PASS: To register for the UNLIMITED PASS, please click REGISTER and select “Unlimited Pass” for your age level (it’s listed in the class section). Then also select all of the classes you wish to take! We’ll make sure you’re billed correctly.


NEW - Bloom Dance Studio requires families to make monthly payments by the use of Automatic payment.

Your monthly installment will be charged on the 1st of every month beginning September 1st and ending May 1st.

We will not be sending out monthly statements. All tuition is non-refundable. Monthly tuition is required until the studio has received a written email request of cancellation.

If for some reason a card is declined, you will receive an email from the studio notifying them of the incident and any error code associated. You will have until the 10th of the month to pay the balance due.

Any balances not paid by the 10th of the month will incur a $10 late fee. Refunds will be considered by Bloom on a case by case basis. Registration and costume fees are non-refundable.

You will pay the same price each month whether it is a long or short lesson month. Tuition does not change when a week is missed for holidays. Nothing is prorated and/or refunded if classes are missed or cancelled due to inclement weather. A non-refundable $20 registration fee will be charged to your account per student upon enrollment.


Bloom Dance Studio will finish the 2019-2020 season with an end of the year dance recital. Recital week will take place during early-mid May. Performance tickets will be sold at $8-$12 per seat, based on your seating selection. There must be a $0 balance on your account before recital tickets can be purchased. Participation in the Recital is not mandatory, but is highly recommended. If you decide to opt out of recital, you can still attend your weekly dance class, but in order to avoid costume charges, you must notify us by November 1st via email that you will not be participating. We do our best to keep the multiple classes of individuals and siblings in mind when planning our recital shows, but we cannot guarantee that any particular classes or siblings will perform in the same recital show.

Costumes: A costume fee of $85.60 (per student, per class) will be charged to your account. A $40 non-refundable deposit per student, per class will be charged on November 15th. The remaining costume balance will be charged on March 15th. Costumes include tax, steaming, alterations, tights and accessories. Dance shoes will be an additional charge if needed. Costumes ordered after January 1st will be charged an additional $15 per costume. Because costumes cannot be returned, costume payments are non-refundable. 

Costumes for Combination Classes: Combination Classes for ages 5 and up will require TWO costumes per class. Total cost for two costumes in a Combo class is $160.50 including tax. There will be an $80 deposit charge made on November 15th for students in Combination Classes. NOTE: Combo classes for “Sprouts” (4 years old) will only have one dance costume and will only perform one dance for their combination dance class.


You are not under contract when you dance at Bloom. We want you to enjoy your experience with us. If for any reason you decide to withdrawal from classes, we understand. To withdraw, a Class Withdrawal Form needs be completed and submitted to close the account and stop further billing. Bloom Dance Studio requires two weeks notice. A student missing class does not affect tuition payment. The account will only be closed with a completed Class Withdrawl Form. Please email for a form. Withdrawal from classes will go into effect two weeks from the date the form is confirmed as received.

If you would like a copy of our 2019-2020 policies please email to receive a PDF copy.