Welcome to Bloom Dance Studio! We are so excited to introduce you to our 2019-2020 schedule!

Classes start Tuesday, September 3rd.

NEW THIS YEAR! To best serve our Bloom families we have restructured our class levels by age. See the list of new levels with descriptions below.

We will be continually evaluating our dancers to make sure that they are in the best class for their interest and skill level.

Our biggest desire at Bloom is to see children excel at dance, be challenged, and placed in an environment to reach their full potential. Children thrive most when they are in a class with peers in their same age group, dancing at a similar level. When children are bumped up a level too early, they feel stressed and it can hurt their development as a dancer.

The most commonly asked question is, “Can I bump my dancer to the next level?”

This is an excellent question! Your child will be improving every year and growing in their dance skills…but will continue to remain in the same level for 2-3 years. This is the standard in the dance industry because levels are not designed to change every year.

At every level, instructors make it a priority to ensure that your child is being challenged. As always, if you are concerned that your child is not being challenged, please contact us to discuss other options! It’s important to our team that you feel your investment into your child’s dance instruction is worthwhile.

We ask that you register your child in the classes designed for their age. In the rare case that a dancer should be bumped up from their age group, our teachers, staff or owner will reach out to you.

We will be continually evaluating our dancers and making sure that they are in the most suitable class for their interest and skill level. We are also happy to make adjustments mid-year for students who have fall birthdays and would like to jump to the next age group in January!

What if my child has special needs, what dance class should they take?

If your child has special needs, there is a place for them at Bloom! Please email (hannah@danceatbloom.com) or call (402-670-7206) to determine the best fit for your child!

Have other questions?

EMAIL OR CALL: If you have any questions concerning the level of your dancer please send an email to our Studio Manager, Hannah (hannah@danceatbloom.com), or call her at 402-670-7206 to discuss options.

OPEN HOUSE: You are also welcome to attend our open house to meet with our staff in person and ask any questions you may have!

BLONDO Open House: Saturday, August 17th: 10 am - 1 pm
LOCATION: 2067 North 156th Street, Omaha, NE 68116

Bloom Class Levels:

Seedlings (18 mon - 3 years), is the perfect beginning for our littlest dancers! Young dancers who are just getting started (ages 18 months through 3 years) will begin with our Dance With Me or Creative Movement (Pre-Ballet) classes!

Sprouts (4 year olds) will be able to choose from our Tiny classes and Tiny Combo classes. If your Sprout signs up for a Combo Class, they will only perform one dance (not two) in the recital. They will still explore BOTH styles of dance lessons in their Combo Classes each weekly class! And if you would like to see them in two recital dances, you are welcome to sign your Sprout up for an additional Tiny Tap, Tiny Hip Hop or Tiny Tumbler class!

Our Petals (5 and 6 year olds) are able to choose from Beginning classes and Beginning Combo classes. If your Petal signs up for a Combo Class, they will perform two dances with two costumes (not one) in the recital. Options for different types of dance at the Petals level includes: Acro, Ballet, Hip Hop, Pom/Cheer, Seeds and Tap.

Violets (7 - 8 years) and Rosettes (9 - 11 years) are when the class options really begin to expand and many additional styles of dance are available to choose from!

If you are just getting started and you’re between the ages of 7-8 or 9-11 we recommend starting with a Combo Class.

Bouquets (12+ years), are able to choose from an assortment of classes as well and no matter your experience level, it’s never too late to start dancing at Bloom!

Bouquet Dancers who are new to dance or new to Bloom: We recommend our Teen Ballet, Teen Jazz, and Hip HopIII classes as a wonderful place to begin for dancers with less experience.

Bouquet Dancers who have experience: If you have any questions regarding your Ballet or Dance level for the 2019-2020 season, please send us an email - hannah@danceatbloom.com - to be sure you are registering for the correct class!

For Bouquets who are pursuing Ballet, we have an Unlimited Pass that will give you an option of taking many dance classes.

Note: Bouquet Dancers who have been in our Teen Dance Class are encouraged to register for the Advanced Teen Dance class and consider adding a new such as Teen Ballet, Hip Hop III or Jazz III.

For our Timbers (boys of all ages who want to dance), we offer B Boys (Breakdancing), Boys Hip Hop and multiple co-ed options (including Musical Theater, Tap, Hip Hop and Acrobatics classes).


Gardeners (our Adult Dancers) are welcome to join us with any experience level…regardless of whether you danced growing up or haven’t danced a day in your life, we would love to have you!

Our only current option for Adult dancers is Adult Tap, but we hope to add more Adult classes to our schedule soon!

We have added SO many classes this year and we are confident you will be able to find one that fits perfectly for your dancer!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, we are happy to help!

So again, welcome! We look forward to having you as part of our Bloom family!