Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes start?

Classes start Tuesday, September 3rd.

How do I find my child's level?

Determine the age of your child as of October 1st, 2019 and find the correct level based upon that age group.

Why have your age ranges and levels changed?

Our levels have changed to better serve our students. Our goal was to arrange our classes to have smaller age gaps in each class.

What if my level is not a good fit?

At every level, instructors make it a priority to ensure that your child is being challenged. As always, if you are concerned that your child is not being challenged, please contact us to discuss other options! It’s important to our team that you feel your investment into your child’s dance instruction is worthwhile.

We ask that you register your child in the classes designed for their age. In the rare case that a dancer should be bumped up from their age group, our teachers, staff or owner will reach out to you.

We will be continually evaluating our dancers and making sure that they are in the most suitable class for their interest and skill level. We are also happy to make adjustments mid-year for students who have fall birthdays and would like to jump to the next age group in January!

What if my child has special needs, what dance class should they take?

If your child has special needs, there is a place for them at Bloom! Please email ( or call (402-670-7206) to determine the best fit for your child!

How do Combo classes work?

Combo classes are a wonderful way for students to be exposed to two kinds of dance within one class period! Classes will divide their time in class between two types of dance, and students ages 5 and up will perform two recital dances, with two costumes at the end of the year performance.

What is the dress code?

Dance dress codes usually include a leotard, tights, and dance shoes, with special exceptions for some classes. Please visit our attire page after August 9th for the latest updates information for the 2019/2020 dance season attire requirements.

What if my child doesn’t like dance?

If your child seems to struggle with liking dance or coming to dance, please reach out to us to discuss your concerns. Our desire is that dance would be an enjoyable experience for your child. In the event that a student chooses to withdraw from a class, we require a two week prior notice and a Class Withdrawl Form must be completed and received by the studio. Please email for a form or for more information on this policy. You are not under contract and withdrawing from classes is always an option.

How does tuition work?

The cost of our classes comes to an annual total, but for the convenience of our families, we break down that total and spread it over nine (9) monthly installments (September-May). We require that our families enroll in Auto Pay to pay their monthly balance.

Can I do make up classes?

We do offer makeup classes in cases where a student misses class due to illness or another conflict (up to three make-up classes per dancer per semester); these absences should be logged in your parent portal. If class is cancelled due to inclement weather, dancers may also request a make-up class, which does not count towards the three allowed make-ups. Any and all make-up classes should be scheduled with the Studio Manager (contact

Does Bloom observe holidays or time off?

Please see our calendar to see an overview of our lessons and breaks for the 2019/2020 season.