* For ALL classes: Hair needs to be pulled up off the neck in a ponytail or bun.  

*We don’t wear two-piece outfits at Bloom. Thank you!

Summer Camps:

  • We do not have a strict dress code during summer camp. They can wear:
    • Dance clothes (this can include a leotard, tights and ballet skirt) or
    • Exercise/Athletic clothes (shorts and a tank top/t-shirt) 
  • We want your children to be comfortable during camp so please be sure they are comfortable in what they are wearing and that they can move easily.
  • They should bring their labeled dance shoes (ballet, tap or jazz). You do NOT need to buy new shoes if you don't have a specific type of shoes - Whatever they have will be sufficient. Make sure they have outside shoes for our outdoor activities as well!  
  • Students will need to bring a water bottle each day. 
  • DON'T FORGET - Please label all of your dancer's shoes and belongings! 

Creative Movement & Dance With Me:

Dancers will need:

  • Tights (any color)
  • Leotard with skirt (any color)
  • Pink Ballet Shoes

Dance With Me Parents/Guardians: 

  • Comfortable clothes - ie. yoga pants + t-shirt

Ballet and Tap:

Girls: Solid color leotards, tights, and an optional ballet skirt or fitted dance shorts to wear over the top. Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes are required.

Boys: Fitted t-shirt tucked into shorts. White ballet shoes and black tap shoes are required for boys.

Jazz, Lyrical, Girls Hip-Hop and Pom/Cheer:

Fitted dancewear such as a leotard, tank top or t-shirt (Bloom shirts are available for purchase) with dance shorts or leggings. Tan jazz shoes are required for Lyrical and Jazz. Flat rubber-soled shoes are required for Pom/Cheer and Hip-Hop.


Gymnastics leotard or unitard should be worn with fitted dance shorts or leggings. No shoes are necessary for this class.

Boys Break Dancing and Hip-Hop:

Stretchy, athletic clothing should be worn. Flat rubber-soled shoes are required for this class.

*Please do not wear your outside street shoes to Hip-Hop and Breakdancing. Have a pair of “studio only” shoes for these classes. Thank you! 

Adult and Teen Dance Classes:

  • Fitted, stretchy clothing such as a leotard, tank top or t-shirt with shorts or leggings.
  • Adult Tap requires black tap shoes.
  • Adult Fit Ballet requires sticky socks or pink ballet shoes.
  • Adult Hip-Hop and Breakdancing require flat rubber-soled shoes.
  • No shoes are required for Adult Liturgical and Teen Dance.

Quality dance attire and shoes can be purchased at:


Bobby's Dancewear

13459 West Center Road

Omaha, NE 68144


Please contact Erin with any questions regarding dance attire and shoes: