Our mission at Bloom Dance Studio is to teach excellent dance, while growing our students in creativity, confidence and courage.

  • We will challenge our students to be creative – to use their imaginations. 

  • We will build our students in confidence – pushing them to their potential and praising them individually for who they are and who they were made to be. 

  • We will inspire our students to be courageous – to step out and make a difference in their world.

Bloom is committed to excellent dance and in doing so we remain focused on the following:

  • Experienced dance instructors

  • Variety of classes

  • Small class sizes - No more than 15 students per class

  • A spacious studio and waiting area for parents

Bloom Dance Studio offers a wide variety of dance classes for all ages that meet once a week.

  • Traditional Classes - Ballet, Tap, Jazz

  • Specialty Classes - Creative Movement, Modern, Acrobat, Pom/Cheer, Hip-Hop, Liturgical

  • Adult Classes - Ballet, Modern, Tap, Liturgical

  • Children With Special Needs Classes - tailored for students with Down syndrome, Autism, or other special needs


Erin Jensen, Bloom Dance Studio Director, is passionate about offering a studio that gives every student a chance to grow in creativity, blooming into an amazing dancer that is full of confidence and courage.

Her experience as a previous dance studio owner, mother and dance instructor has guided her dream to start a studio that would empower children and adults alike to experience an avenue in dance where they are accepted and inspired!

A previous studio owner...

Erin is a previous studio owner, a dance mom and dance instructor herself. She began taking studio classes in Omaha at age five, focusing on ballet and tap basics. In later years, she received training in the disciplines of jazz, modern, pointe, and hip-hop. She continued to dance in high school and was elected co-captain of the Millard North High School Dance Team. Following high school, Erin went on to study nursing. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science from the Methodist School of Nursing in Omaha, Nebraska.
Although Erin is passionate about nursing, her first love has always been dance. Erin loves to challenge, inspire and motivate her dancers and staff to find the beauty that lies inside each and every one of them. As a result of working with young dancers and watching them come alive through dance and teamwork, Erin was inspired to open her own dance studio in Omaha.
In 2008, Erin founded and started the Kabul Dance Studio (KDS). KDS was the only dance studio in Afghanistan. Erin opened KDS with 36 western students and grew the studio to nearly 150 students from 11 different countries after four short years. Erin managed the administration, marketing, accounting, costume design, merchandise store and class instruction for Kabul Dance Studio. She oversaw teachers, and organized one major performance recital a year.

A mother...

In addition to founding and directing a studio, Erin is also a mother. She understands what parents are looking for when they choose a dance studio and how to keep parents coming back every year. 

Knowing that one of the largest factors in children’s activities is a schedule that fits the needs of a busy family, she leverages her class times to maximize convenience for parents’ busy schedules. It’s also a priority at Bloom to always offer clear communication and a website that’s up-to-date with relevant information to keep the parents informed. Most importantly, we know that many parents want their children to dance, but do not want to compromise their values and standards, as they watch their children succeed and reach their potential.

A dance instructor...

Erin is also a dance instructor. She knows there is a difference between a great dancer and a great dance teacher. Erin hires instructors who can break down dance in a way that will be learned and enjoyed by students of all skills and ages.  Most importantly, she understands that finding the best possible dance instructors is the key to running the best possible dance studio.


  Erin Jensen  - Owner/Director

Erin Jensen - Owner/Director

  Jocie Minturn  - Director of Dancing

Jocie Minturn - Director of Dancing

  Michelle Yates  - Instructor

Michelle Yates - Instructor

  Hannah Matthew  - Instructor

Hannah Matthew - Instructor

  Ali Darr  - Instructor   (New)

Ali Darr - Instructor (New)

  Justin Kofoed  - Account Manager

Justin Kofoed - Account Manager

  Alyssa Krogh  - Instructor

Alyssa Krogh - Instructor

  Brittany Willis  - Instructor

Brittany Willis - Instructor

  Amanda Marshall  - Instructor

Amanda Marshall - Instructor

  Saveenha Dotzler  - Instructor   (New)

Saveenha Dotzler - Instructor (New)

  Emma Kreifels  - Instructor

Emma Kreifels - Instructor

  Michelle White  - Client Manager

Michelle White - Client Manager

  Mikayla Rye  - Instructor

Mikayla Rye - Instructor

  Jesse Hecht  - Instructor

Jesse Hecht - Instructor

  Remmi Hartmann  - Instructor

Remmi Hartmann - Instructor

  Lindsay Blake  - Instructor

Lindsay Blake - Instructor

  Hannah Kolar  - Studio Manager   (New)

Hannah Kolar - Studio Manager (New)

  Julie Ostrand  - Marketing Manager

Julie Ostrand - Marketing Manager