Our Values

In addition to founding and directing a studio, Erin is also a mother. She understands what parents are looking for when they choose a dance studio and makes it a priority to structure the studio in a way to makes it as easy as possible for parents.

CONVENIENCE: Knowing that one of the largest factors in children’s activities is a schedule that fits the needs of a busy family, she carefully selects her class times to maximize convenience for parents’ schedules.

COMMUNICATION: It’s also a priority at Bloom to always offer clear communication and a website that’s up-to-date, with relevant information to keep the parents informed.

ENVIRONMENT: Most importantly, we know that many parents want their children to dance, but do not want to compromise their values and standards, as they watch their children succeed and reach their potential.

INSTRUCTION: There is difference between a great dancer and a great dance teacher. Erin hires instructors who can break down dance in a way that will be learned and enjoyed by students of all skills and ages.  Most importantly, she understands that finding the best possible dance instructors is the key to running the best possible dance studio.